Site Operation


To place an ad on UpIn30 you must have an account. This is a simple process of providing us your business information and contact details.

Account Registration

Before placing an ad you must register for an account.

  1. Click the Vendor account link at the top of the screen.
  2. On the Login/Registration page complete the account registration fields and submit.

All registrations require approval from UpIn30, which is completed within 24-48 hours. To verify you are a business we require a web site address and a HST registration number. Because we target ads to specific buyer regions, we require you to define your default location.

When approved, we will send you a confirmation by email and assign you a default password which you must change when you log-in. After that, you can place your first ad. We do not ask for a credit card number when you register or store this information on our system.

Data You Need to Provide

  • Business Name – you must be a business to advertise on UpIn30
  • First name, Last Name – a contact name is required
  • Username – enter a short-form identifier for you or your business
  • Email address – this will appear in your ad and is our billing contact info
  • Password – assign a password for your account
  • Member of Chamber – if you are a member of a Chamber of Commerce select an affiliate Chamber name from the drop-list. This is required in order to quality for a discounted advertising rate. Note: we verify membership as part of the registration process.
  • Web Site URL – provide the address of your web site (if you have one). This will allow users to link to your site.
  • Address Information – this information is required to confirm that you have an operating address within our service areas.
  • Phone No. – provide the number that will appear in your ads.

Updating Account Information

You can modify your contact name, email and web site address ay anytime.

1.    Click Account Details on the My Account menu.

Your Password can be changed at anytime.

  1. Enter your existing password.
  2. Enter the new password.
  3. Confirm the new password by entering it a second time.

Adding/Updating Your Business Logo

Your logo will appear in your ads is an important identifier for your business. Logos should be in a square format and approximately 300 pixels in size. Logos that are horizontal will be reduced in size to a width of 300 pixels.

  1. Click Business Logo on the My Account menu.
  2. Click on the Choose Image button.
  3. Click the Upload Files option to load a file from your computer.
  4. Click on the file on your computer.
  5. Click on the new image in the library to replace the logo.

Changing Address Information

You can change your billing address at anytime.

  1. Click Addresses button.
  2. On the display screen, click the Edit link.
  3. Modify any of the displayed fields.
  4. Click on the Save Address button.

Placing an Order

The order placement using PayPal as the processing service, You do not require a PayPal account – the service accepts all standard credit cards.

  1. Click the Add Listing(s) menu option.
  2. Confirm your contact information.
  3. Enter a title or product name.
  4. Select the advertising category it will appear in from the drop-list.
  5. Click the Browse Files button to display a folder on your computer from which you can select images. Alternatively, you can simply Drag-ad-Drop images into the gray box. The gallery allows you to place as many as 6 images in an ad.
  6. Enter the product description. There are several editing tools to allow the use of bulleted lists. (See separate instructions on text formatting features.)
  7. Enter the price. Note: the price is not mandatory.
  8. Enter the quantity for sale.
  9. Choose the condition from the drop-list: New, Demo and Refurbished.
  10. State any terms that apply to the sell such as manufacturer warranty, pickup and delivery instructions.
  11. List the location for the item. By default this will be your business address could be elsewhere. This is linked to Google maps.
  12. Click the Allow Offers is you will accept offers from interested customers.
  13. Complete the Captcha verification.
  14. Click the Preview button to display the listing. If you not entered required information, those data fields will be flagged and you will be required to make corrections.
  15. Click the Publishing button. If you are using existing credits nothing else it required. If you are paying for your ad you will be directed to the payment screen.

Viewing the Cart

This option takes you to a screen indicating your purchases.

Note: if you remove the only item in your cart and have an advertisement being added, it will be deleted and you will need to reenter it.

Checkout Process

Ad payments are processed through PayPal which is a secure payment platform. No financial data is stored on the UpIN30 site. PayPal allows you to use any standard credit card without needing a PayPal account.

Discounts are provided to members of affiliated Chambers of Commerce and are automatically calculated if you have been verified as a member.

  1. If you have been issued a discount coupon code, enter it and click the Apply Coupon button. This will adjust the checkout price automatically.
  2. Check the billing information and update if required.
  3. Select the PayPal payment option.
  4. Click the check box next to the “I have rad and agree to the web site terms & conditions” prompt.

When the process is complete you will be sent an order confirmation by email and directed to the Order Confirmation screen which you can print.