How to Write Solid Classified Ads

Writing solid classified advertisements that get pull is a combination of art and science. In all cases it needs to be factual.

Classified ads are geared to deal seekers and they are typically looking for a great price. Including the price in the top of the ad, if not structured elsewhere in the layout is a sure way to get the attention of people that know the prices of things.

Every product has key selling features, maybe it’s the resolution of a digital camera or the operating time of a battery. These should be listed in the order of their importance. The manufacturers sales material is a good starting point for determining what’s important.

Does the item come with any guarantees or warranties? If the merchandise is new or refurbished these may still be in effect. A individual seller warranty i.e., guaranteed not be dead on delivery can assuage any fears.

Do you have a returns policy? Not common in classified ads and perhaps just the thing to make your ad stand out.

How many are there? If you have many, it may be best not to write the true quantity available, just enough to be interesting. If you have a lot, potential buyers may think they can wait and when everyone waits, no one buys.

Is the offer for a limited time? Like having a large quantity, an open-ended time limit implies they will be available a week or a month from now. So what’s the hurry. All large businesses put a time limit on their offers and commonly a limit to the quantity you can buy.

It goes without saying that honesty is still the best policy.

Misleading ads are a sure way to mar your business reputation and may have legal repercussions if the misrepresentation is significant. Keep your ads on the up-and-up and get satisfied customers – they tend to come back for more and tell others.