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Classifieds Revisioned

UpIn30 is a hybrid of traditional classified advertising, e-commerce and auction sites such as Ebay. It is ideally suited to selling one-off, end-of-line or unusual products – the type of items it is hard to advertise in any other way. Unlike sites like Ebay, you pay no commission or transaction fees on sales. Unlike Kijiji, your ads are not mixed in with thousands of others selling used or unwanted items.

UpIn30 is only for businesses and is geographically focussed to your regional market. This reduces both the ad volume and competition for your ad with a higher probability that it will be seen by more people in your immediate catchment area. Merchandise listed on UpIn30 must be new, demo or floor models – there are plenty of other services for used merchandise.

Unlike newspaper and print classifieds, UpIn30 lets you reach the entire market area for 30 days at a rate that is less than a single day or issue of these publications. Even better, you can revise your ad at anytime and accept offers, something print can’t do.

Clearing Your Inventory

Have you got old stock taking up valuable floor space in your showroom, clogging your warehouse and declining in value daily? UpIn30 provides an easy way to list those items and drive product-specific sales from buyers in your immediate market region. Traditional advertising is largely about brand-building and marketing programs but won’t get the one-offs sold.

Selling Home-made, Hand-made & Unusual Products

If you are product maker, whether craft-oriented, food or small manufacturing it’s difficult to advertise those products in a cost-effective way. Creating your web site can be both time and cost expensive and still does not guarantee that you will generate traffic. Using UpIn30, you test the market for your products and benefit from the increased visibility that a broader product selection provides. This valuable cross-traffic is what drives people to your product even when it was not what they were initially looking for.

Your Introduction to E-commerce

Setting up an e-commerce storefront can be rewarding but requires both a suitable budget and time to create it. With UpIn30, you can experiment with on-line sales, a few products at a time. Its a great way to test new products, introduce your business to potential buyers and most importantly drive new traffic to your door.

Advertiser Information

Who Can Advertise?

Only businesses can advertise on UpIn30. If you cannot verify that you are a business with a valid HST number, you must provide us with other supporting information to prove are a business.

What Kind of Things Can You Advertise?

We don’t limit the type of products listed on our service but products should be new or refurbished items. This include demonstrators and samples. Virtually any new merchandise that you would put on your store shelves can be advertised on UpIn30.

How Do I Get an UpIn30 Account?

To place an ad on UpIn30 you must have an account. This is a simple process of providing us your business information and contact details. Because we target ads to specific buyer regions, we require you to define your default location.

All registrations require approval from UpIn30, which is completed within 24-48 hours. To verify you are a business we require a web site address and a HST registration number.

When approved, we will send you a confirmation by email and assign you a default password which you must change when you log-in. After that, you can place your first ad.

We do not ask for a credit card number when you register or store this information on our system.

How Do People Act on My Ad?

When potential buyers are interested in what you are selling, they can reach out to you by email or phone (if provided). It is up to you to negotiate the sale. Customers cannot purchase your item through our web site.

How Long Do Ads Run

Ads run for either 30 days or 30 hours and stop if you terminate them.

Can I Modify the Price of an Item?

Ads can be modified at anytime during the display period including product description and price. Keep in mind that if you do so that some customers may have seen the item listed at a different price and may expect to purchase it at the new price.

How Do I Renew an Ad?

You will receive a notice at least 48 hours before your ad is due to expire. It can be renewed on-line using a process similar to the original placement.

How Do I Pay for My Ad(s)

After you place you ad on our system you must complete the process by making payment through PayPal, which allows you to use a credit card. Until you make a payment, your ad will remain Pending.

Can I modify my ad?

You can modify your ad at anytime including change prices.

What if I sell the item?

You can cancel your ad or you can replace it with another item for sale. The ad will continue until the initial advertising term ends.

If I sell the item early can I get a refund of my ad price?

No refunds are offered.

How many photos can I include in ad?

You can add up to 6 photos.

What About Warranties & Guarantees?

All guarantees, warranties and service offers are strictly your responsibility and must be honoured if you have advertised them.